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  With FormCliQ Invoices, even smaller companies with monthly volumes as low as 750 invoices per month, can enjoy accuracy, cost savings, and work efficiency. You do not need to set up any applications, forms, or fields. You simply scan the invoices, and verify the data. Thatís it.

FormCliQ Invoices is priced to suit the budget of users with volume between 750 and 3,000 invoice pages month. No other software solution offers more performance at such great economy!

If you need to access an invoice you entered, just type any word or number that you suspect may appear in it. If you are not sure, enter a wildcard. In just seconds FormCliQ will display all the invoices that contain the string for your selection. You never have to archive using keywords or indices; all is done as part of the processing.

FormCliQ Invoices utilizes advanced technologies designed to automate and greatly simplify invoice data entry for small businesses, regardless of the accounting software they use. In most cases, your data will be even more accurate than had you typed it in yourself manually!

CharacTell technology has helped organizations with invoice volumes as high as 10,000 per day reduce their costs. Now we offer it to users with lower volumes facing similar needs. Click here for your free evaluation software, or here to purchase FormCliQ Invoices.

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